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When Can You Remove Dentures and Should You Do It?

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Did you know that you should regularly be removing your dentures? If you have dentures, you know that they can improve your overall sense of confidence and give you the reassurance that you need to smile in public. However, it's possible that you aren't removing them enough. This can cause several issues with your dentures and your overall health.

Continue reading to learn when you can and why you should remove dentures.

When Can You Remove Dentures?

Once you make it through the first 24 hours of keeping your dentures in, you are going to want to take them out on a routine schedule.

Dentures are removable false teeth. Because they are removable, you need to care for them better than you would your permanent teeth. To get the best clean, you will have to take them out of your mouth and clean the entire denture and your entire mouth.


You will want to remove them after eating to rinse off any leftover food that may cause bacterial growth. You will also want to take them out every night before bed to brush them and soak them in a cleaning solution.


Taking out your dentures gives your mouth and your jaw a few hours to relax and recover from wearing them all day.


Why Should You Remove Dentures Regularly?

It can be tempting to leave your dentures in, but this opens your mouth for bacterial business. When you aren't caring for dentures after eating, and you are leaving them in all the time, you increase your chance of causing additional problems.

Wearing your dentures for an extended amount of time can cause several issues with your oral hygiene:

• Resorption/bone loss

• Bad breath

• Bacterial growth

• Gum sores and denture stomatitis

When you wear dentures, and you sleep with them in, you have to worry about how they can wear on your jawbone. Wearing your dentures during the day helps to protect your jaw. However, wearing them at night can actually speed up the natural bone loss process. This can cause your dentures to become ill-fitting and can change the shape of your face/jaw prematurely.


Bacteria can grow on your dentures as well as under them. Taking them out regularly helps to reduce your chance of gum disease and bacteria that cause bad breath and other oral health issues.


The constant wearing of your dentures on your gums can cause you to develop sores due to the continuous rubbing along your jaw. Denture stomatitis causes inflammation in the mouth. It develops when the bacteria known as Candida albicans, which is normally found in the mouth in trace amounts, increases to cause an issue in oral hygiene.

Removing Dentures Is Essential

When you get dentures, you may not ever want to take them out. However, you have to remove dentures to make sure that you keep your oral hygiene in good standing, and you give your mouth a much-needed rest.

If you have any questions about your dentures and how to care for them, feel free to contact the Medicine Hat Denture Clinic. We'd be happy to help you in whatever capacity that we can.



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