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Get Immediate Dentures for Assured Dental Comfort in Medicine Hat


“Very professional in her work. She is very compassionate! Have used her dentures for a while.”


- George Z.

Getting a denture is a long process that requires taking impressions and extraction of remaining teeth, preparing the dentures and then adjusting them. One may have to go several weeks without teeth before getting permanent dentures. At times like this, comfort, functionality and presentation all come together in immediate dentures.

The Pros and Cons of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures offer several benefits. They can:

They can:

Protect the tissues in the mouth from trauma

Promote oral healing

Help you speak and eat properly (with time and practice)

Maintain muscle and tissue tone

Help to record and maintain inter-jaw relations

Like any other dental prosthesis, immediate dentures also have certain disadvantages:

Frequent clinic visits for numerous adjustments to ensure gum healing

Additional relining costs

Expect swelling and discomfort

Dentures cannot be aesthetically changed

Caring For Your Immediate Dentures Post Extraction

The advantages of immediate dentures exceed the disadvantages. When you choose this treatment, however, it is essential to maintain proper hygiene to prevent any discomfort and infections.

These cleaning tips can help:

Remove and clean your denture with a denture cleaner 24 hours after the extraction.

Do warm saline rinses to expedite healing.

Choose soft diets with high calorific value.

Take the prescribed pain relief medication because swelling and discomfort are natural.

Temporary liners called tissue conditioners may be useful during healing after 1-6 weeks.

We do not include the price of the final reline in the total cost of the denture because the time and severity of the healing process vary for different individuals.

Not Sure if Your Dentures Are Fitting Right?

When you start using your new dentures, if you face difficulty speaking, chewing, swallowing, or whistling, please note that these are common issues that patients face during the transitioning phase. You might also have a bulky feeling in your mouth because of the newly placed denture, or a burning sensation in the mouth or tongue, food stuck under the dentures, and loosening of the denture with liquids.

We recommend that you communicate all your apprehensions and experiences to our denturist so that we can make the transition easy for you.

Don't Want Complete Dentures?

If you have lost one or only a few teeth, partial dentures can help.

Dentist working on partial denture
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