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Keep Your Dentures in Shape with Our Denture Relines in Medicine Hat


“Very professional in her work. She is very compassionate! Have used her dentures for a while.”


- George Z.

Stress no more about uncomfortable dentures. Located at the easy-to-reach Co-Op® mall on 13th Avenue, our dental centre, Medicine Hat Denture Clinic Inc., offers high-quality denture relines for residents of Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas.


While it is ideal to replace dentures every 5-10 years, timely repairs and relining of your dentures ensure effective chewing and speaking. Based on years of expertise, we can assess and reline your dentures for the perfect fit.

Our clinic provides two types of relines:

Regular You can bring us your dentures in the morning. We will reline and return them on the same day.

Softliner We take an impression with your denture, grind it out and then process a new softliner in your current denture.

FAQs on Softliners

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about softliners. Though they are not a panacea and cannot solve comfort problems for every patient, they are useful and make a difference in their own way.

  • I Got My Lower Denture Adjusted Many Times as It Was Making My Mouth Sore and Uncomfortable. My Denturists Told Me That There Is Nothing Functionally Wrong with It. How Can I Resolve the Problem?
    You can get the problem fixed with a “Resilient Liner” also called “softliner.” In this process, a material known as the softliner is processed onto the surface of your existing or new denture. It lies snug next to the oral tissue, acting as a soft cushion and aiding in preserving the supporting structures, thus making you comfortable again. The softliner protects the residual bone from occlusal forces because it is like a shock absorber between the denture’s hard plastic and your gums.
  • Do I Need a Softliner?
    You should consider getting a softliner if you are facing any of the following issues: Gum shrinkage If your gums have sensitive tissues or their ridges face extreme resorption (shrinkage), softliners are a fantastic way to protect them. Grinding Softliners help secure bones from the negative effects of bruxing or teeth grinding. Mucosal irritation and bone loss are common problems caused by intermittent shearing stress of the denture teeth to the basal seat. Sensitive areas Softliners provide relief from pain and irritation to bony protuberances (tori) or sensitive areas. Dry mouth Diseases such as diabetes, treatments like radiation therapy and certain medications can lead to a condition called xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth. Softliners are known to help patients feel more comfortable. Please note however that for some individuals, the softliner may cause more irritation than hard acrylic. Surgery contraindicated In several cases, bony undercuts tend to interfere with the insertion/removal of dentures and their surgical reduction is either not possible or not advised. In these situations, softliners could be the ideal option.

The Softliner Process

We process our softliners in our own Medicine Hat Denture Clinic Inc. lab. An initial consultation helps us to assess if a softliner is indeed the right solution for you. Then, you would need two appointments with us to get your softliners - the first is often scheduled in the afternoon when we will take an impression of your dentures. The softliners are then delivered on the following afternoon, i.e. during the second appointment.

Sore Gums?

Gum resorption is a natural occurrence in which your gum shrinks, growing thinner. It can be painful and uncomfortable to the point that even frequent re-adjusting of your dentures does not help, and it may cause your dental prosthesis to become loose and hard to manage.

At Medicine Hat Denture Clinic Inc., we can help you solve this problem by recommending a denture with a soft base. The soft base is made of a porous material, and it lines the prosthesis. It provides stability to your denture without being an irritant for gum tissues. It is mainly used for lower dentures.

The soft base does not stop the resorption of your gums as their shape is constantly changing. To maintain gum hygiene and health, we recommend that the soft base is examined annually at least. We will also help you find the right products to clean the soft base.

Getting Dentures?

Miss your teeth no more after extraction with our expertly fitted immediate dentures.

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