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If You Need Complete Dentures in Medicine Hat, We Can Help


“Very professional in her work. She is very compassionate! Have used her dentures for a while.”


- George Z.

Dentures are nothing but artificial substitutes for natural teeth. However, dental anxiety is not uncommon when one is due to receive new dentures. At Medicine Hat Denture Clinic Inc., we assure you absolute care as we set complete dentures for you. We serve customers from Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas, and our office is located conveniently in Co-Op® mall on 13th Avenue.

You can trust the skill and techniques that our denturist services offer. It is normal to feel awkward after getting your new dentures. You may also find your speech altered and a feeling of fullness in your mouth. But eventually, your mouth and cheek muscles will relax, and your dentures will give you a renewed ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Eating with Dentures

Eating with dentures will be challenging, with sore spots developing on the gums and food particles getting lodged in between the denture and the gum - till the wearer’s tongue and facial muscles adapted to it.

Speaking with Dentures

When you get new dentures, you may find them cumbersome and getting in the way of normal speech. Several hours of practice is required for your mouth and facial muscles to get used to the change. Reading aloud to yourself can be a good exercise to help your face and tongue adapt faster.

Do Not Wear Your Dentures All the Time

You should remove your dentures for a little while every day. This allows the tissues to get some rest. Whenever the dentures are removed, they should be placed in water or a diluted mouth antiseptic.

Denture Care

Taking care of your dentures has a host of long-term oral health benefits.


Food particles beneath dentures can cause sore spots in your gums that in turn lead to potential bone loss and, gradually, loose dentures. Here are a few suggestions to extend the life of your dentures:

Here are a few suggestions to extend the life of your dentures:

Please do not place your dentures in boiling water because their base may get distorted.

While cleaning the dentures, hold them over a container of water so that they don’t break if you drop them.

While cleaning the lower denture, don’t clutch it in your palm as it might snap in two.

Clean your dentures after every meal and preferably with a brush.

Do not use an abrasive powder to clean your dentures and use only a dentifrice made for the purpose.

Do not use sandpaper or files to adjust your dentures. We are not responsible for alterations done outside our clinic.

Do not remove or replace a new plate with the old one.

Gum Recession or Shrinkage

Though dentures are durable and designed to function for many years, they do not last forever. The tissues in your mouth keep changing, and there is wear and tear in the dentures resulting in a lifespan of an average of five-ten years for every set of dentures. We recommend annual consultations for such changes in the gums and dentures to be inspected, documented, and dealt with. 

Please do not try to correct your dentures alone with DIY products because they may cause irreparable harm. You can always call our office to see a denturist.

Gum Soreness

With new dentures, a feeling of soreness is natural. You can call us if it feels uncomfortable. If possible, leave the denture in so that the sore spot is easy to identify. You can keep the lower plate removed till your appointment if required. Do not mix an old and new plate, and do not replace one set with another because dentures are specially set and fitted to your current requirements.

Let Us Know if You Are Experiencing Anything out of the Ordinary with Your Dentures

When you start using your new dentures, you may face apprehensions and experiences that feel strange. For example, you may have trouble speaking, chewing, swallowing, or whistling. Please note that these are common issues that patients face during the transitioning phase. You might also have a bulky feeling in your mouth because of the newly placed denture, or a burning sensation in the mouth or tongue, food stuck under the dentures, and loosening of the denture with liquids.

We recommend that you speak to our denturist about whatever worries you so that we can make the transition easy for you.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Denture solutions from the roots up.

Gum supported by implants
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