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Smile Like New With Our Partial Dentures in Medicine Hat


“Very professional in her work. She is very compassionate! Have used her dentures for a while.”


- George Z.

We understand that sudden tooth loss is difficult. It affects more than your appearance, as chewing and speaking become difficult. At Medicine Hat Denture Clinic Inc., we offer partial dentures that you can rely on to regain normal oral function. If you live in Medicine Hat or the surrounding areas, you can find us located conveniently in the Co-Op® mall on 13th Avenue.


This removable option provides not just comfort and ease; it also has its cost benefits as a comparatively affordable alternative to permanent fixtures like implants/bridges. They also help prevent serious dental conditions later on by maintaining the rest of the teeth's positions.

Custom Fitted Partial Dentures

At Medicine Hat Denture Clinic Inc., we design partial dentures to fit correctly between your existing teeth. We use only the best material to make our dentures to ensure optimal performance and natural appearance.


When you come for your first visit, your dentist checks the rest of your teeth to make sure they are healthy and secure. Then, we take an impression of your teeth and gums because the denture must be shaped to your unique requirements. The next step is to fabricate your partial denture (our metalwork is outsourced to Calgary, and then we work on the fitting back here). The metalwork process takes roughly 7-10 days turnaround time.


Don’t let toothlessness hold you back from smiling. Schedule a consultation at our clinic today.

What to Watch for After You Have Brand New Dentures

When you start using your new dentures, you may find it difficult to talk, chew, swallow, or whistle, but please don’t worry because these are common experiences of the transitioning phase. You might also have a bulky feeling in your mouth because of the newly placed denture, or a burning sensation in the mouth or tongue, food stuck under the dentures, and loosening of the denture with liquids.

We recommend that you communicate all your concerns and experiences to us so that we can make the transition easy for you.

Broke Your Denture?

We repair damaged dentures.

Close up of broken acrylic denture
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