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What to Expect in the Days After Getting New Dentures

If you are planning to get new dentures, or if you have just recently got them, you may be wanting some more information on what to expect over the next hours, days, and months.

Whether you're wanting to know what foods to eat with new dentures or how much new dentures cost, we've got you covered.


Read on to find out everything you need to know about getting new dentures.

First Steps

A denture is a removable prosthesis that can replace missing teeth. They come in either full or partial forms and help you regain your ability to smile confidently and eat.


Depending on your individual needs, they can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The exact price will vary depending on whether you require full or partial dentures, and whether you choose a basic or premium set.


Difficulty Speaking

In the immediate hours after getting dentures, you may not be able to speak properly. Without your natural teeth, your tongue movements will readjust, but this takes a bit of time and lots of speaking practice.


Even if your voice sounds different, speak aloud as much as possible. Read complex words and long texts at a time. Your brain and tongue will soon get used to your new mouth and you will regain your normal voice.


You may also find that you are salivating a lot more in the first few weeks after getting new dentures. This is normal, and ordinary saliva production will resume as soon as your body is used to the dentures.


Difficulty Eating Certain Foods

Biting and chewing food will initially be more difficult after getting new dentures. Start with soft foods and avoid any sticky or tough foods that will put pressure on the gum tissues until you are confident with the soft foods.


Yogurt, scrambled eggs, soup, or mashed potatoes are some safe options to begin with. Try and take smaller bites to avoid them slipping. Avoid holding liquids in your mouth as this can loosen the bottom dentures.


Eventually, the dentures should feel natural, and you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods again.


Soreness or Discomfort

A common concern is how long do new dentures hurt. As your dentures settle, sore spots may develop. This should clear up within a few weeks, as your mouth gets used to your replacement teeth.


This pain is only temporary, but if it persists then visit your denturist to have your dentures adjusted. It is important to keep your new dentures clean at all times.


Adjusting to New Dentures May Take Time

Getting new dentures is a big change, and it can only be expected that there will be a period of adjustment.


Using this guide will help make the process more straight-forward, and should stop you from running into problems down the road.


If you are considering dentures and want to find a clinic you can trust, contact us to book a consultation today!



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