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What to Do If Your New Dentures Are Uncomfortable

Is it normal to feel discomfort when you get new dentures? What happens when your mouth changes and your dentures don't fit anymore?


Getting dentures in Canada is exciting, but you should expect to feel some discomfort in the beginning as you adjust to your new grin. But don't worry, this is completely normal.


Our guide will go over how to ease the pain during the adjustment phase, and what to do if you experience discomfort after the first few weeks. By the end, you will feel confident with your new dentures.

Easing Pain During the Adjustment Phase

If your dentures are new, it's normal for them to feel uncomfortable in the first few weeks of wearing them. After all, you are getting a whole new set of teeth!


You can't completely avoid this discomfort in the beginning, but there are a few ways you can ease your pain. First, apply a topical cream or gel to your dentures to help with sore gums.


A saltwater rinse will also help with the gum inflammation that naturally occurs when you first start wearing dentures. You can also massage your gums gently to promote more blood circulation, which will help reduce inflammation.


Finally, if you are using denture adhesive to ensure that your dentures don't slip around in your mouth. This will just irritate your gums further and prolong the adjustment period. You may have to experiment with different dental adhesives to find the one that works best for you.


The adjustment period will last for a few weeks when you first get dentures. After that, your discomfort should go away. If it doesn't, call our office to schedule a follow-up appointment. Your dentures may need an adjustment so they fit better.


Why Are Your Dentures Uncomfortable After the Adjustment Phase?

If you've been wearing dentures for a while and successfully made it through the adjustment phase, it can be concerning when you experience random pain or discomfort.


There are a few reasons this could happen. First, your mouth may have changed. This is a completely natural occurrence, especially when you lose teeth.


In fact, losing teeth causes your body to resorb the bone that used to support the tooth, which alters the shape of your jaw. When this happens, it's normal for your dentures to fit differently and feel uncomfortable.


The best solution is to have your dentures relined, so they fit better. At Medicine Hat Denture Clinic, we can adjust your dentures so they fit comfortably again.


Do You Need to Replace Your Dentures?

Eventually, your jaw will change to the extent that relining is not a helpful solution anymore. When this happens, you may need a full or partial denture replacement.


Most patients need a denture replacement every five to ten years. New dentures will fit and feel much more comfortable than your older ones that don't fit anymore.


Get Started With Dentures in Medicine Hat

Even if you experience mild discomfort with your dentures, you will love your new smile. It won't be long until you feel comfortable with them.


Are you ready for a whole new smile? Get started with new dentures in Medicine Hat today.



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