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How to Clean Your Dentures the Right Way

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If you have dentures, it's very important to keep them in great condition. Eliminate denture-causing bad breath and learn how to clean dentures. These dos and don'ts should be followed to save you discomfort and to ensure the longevity of your dentures.

There are effective solutions available to you. Let's take a look at some denture cleaning tips!

What's the Purpose of Dentures?

Dentures are a solution for people who have lost some (or all) of their teeth. They make it possible for these patients to eat, smile, and speak naturally. But, to have a great smile and fresh breath, they must be cleaned properly.

How to Clean Dentures

Clean your dentures the right way. Keep them in great condition by eliminating bacteria and food particles regularly. Let's go over some denture cleaning tips!

Eliminate Bad Breath

If you or a loved one notices you have bad breath (or halitosis), it could be coming from your dentures. To determine the source, take out your dentures and place them in a sealed plastic bag for a few minutes. If upon opening the bag, it gives off an unpleasant smell, your dentures are the culprit.


Deep Clean

Aside from the usual daily brushing, periodically let them soak. Place them in a cup or container with water and a denture-cleaning product (renew/ polydent). These tablets are specifically created to clean dentures.

Avoid Bleach and Chlorine

Anything containing bleach is bad for taking care of your dentures. Bleach can cause your metal fittings to tarnish. Avoid anything containing chlorine as well.

Do Not Boil

You might be tempted to boil your dentures when other solutions aren't working. This is not how to keep dentures clean. Boiling them will cause them to warp.

Brush Dentures

After soaking them in the cleaning solution, check to see if there are any particles of food left on them. Take care of dentures by brushing them with a denture toothbrush. You can find brushes that are shaped especially for use on dentures.

Rinse Dentures

To make sure all particles, etc., are washed off, you should rinse your dentures with clean water. Do this to eliminate any chemicals as well. Even a gentle cleansing solution can be harmful to the tissues in your mouth.

Brush Your Gums

Denture maintenance doesn't mean ignore your mouth. Every day your mouth can feel clean and fresh if you brush your gums with fluoridated toothpaste. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and if you see or feel any sores in your mouth, help them heal up by using a sore mouth rinse.

Love Your Smile

Here at Medicine Hat Denture Clinic Inc., we've dedicated our services to help people acquire the highest quality dentures possible. We want you to be comfortable and have a smile that you love! We've been offering professional dental services and products for over 20 years!

Now that you know how to clean dentures, smash this link to learn how they're made here at Medicine Hat Denture Clinic!



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