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At Medicine Hat Denture Clinic, we’re all about your comfort, convenience and satisfaction. New dentures will usually fit your mouth very securely as they are designed specifically for your gums. But, as time goes on, your gum tissues will change and the denture will become loose. We always recommend having your dentures professionally relined periodically to keep them secure and functional. In many instances, we believe that loose dentures can be corrected with a reline. A reline is the simple procedure of changing the original tissue surface of the denture to the existing tissue surface of your mouth. For denture relines in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas, we’re here to assist you.

Broken Dentures

No worries. There are a variety of circumstances that lead to a damaged denture, which need to be addressed immediately. Our denture repairs can restore your fractured or damaged denture close to its original condition. We’ll thoroughly examine your denture condition and will recommend steps needed in preventing future damages. Our clinic provides repairs for partial and complete dentures both simple and complex. In most cases, we offer same-day denture repair services.

Soft Liner and Its Process

Soft liner, which is also known as a resilient liner, is a material that is processed onto the surface of an existing or new denture, and rests next to the oral tissue. This process will increase patients’ comfort by “cushioning” the tissues and protect the gums from occlusal forces, therefore aiding in the preservation of the supporting structures. A soft liner acts as a cushion or shock absorber between the hard plastic base of a denture and the gums. 

They are specially processed in our lab and require an approximate 24-hour period for completion. This is a process that requires an individual to schedule an appointment in the afternoon for an impression, and then a pickup appointment for the following afternoon. A consultation is required to assess if a soft liner is right for your situation.

Check Out Our Denture FAQs

At Medicine Hat Denture Clinic, we provide a wide range of denture tips and guidance to enhance your overall oral health. We receive many questions from our patients and you may find someone else has the same questions as you. Be sure to keep this page bookmarked so that you can refer back for future references. If you’ve any questions, call us today

Here, you can find some tips and answers for most commonly asked questions, which you may have about your new dentures.

Eating and Your New Dentures

The art of learning to eat with new dentures can be a trying experience especially if it is your first denture. We recommend to start with light, soft foods progressing gradually to more solid foods making a conscious effort to chew with food on both sides of your mouth. 

Once the individual becomes more accustomed to using their tongue and facial muscles with a new denture, the denture is less likely to shift causing sore spots that develop on the gums.

Your Speech

Initially, with your new dentures, you may experience some difficulty with your speech. Remember, your mouth has to become used to the new denture. A few hours of practice is generally needed to control the problem. Try reading out loud for a while as your tongue and facial muscles adjust to their new environment.

Should You Wear Your Dentures All the Time

Dentures should be removed sometime throughout a 24-hour period. This gives the tissues a chance to rest. Usually, this rest period is best managed during sleeping hours, but at any time during the day when you have an hour or two of privacy, is suitable. During this period when the dentures are removed from the mouth, they should be kept in water or in a diluted mouth antiseptic.

Denture Care

Good oral care is essential! Dentures should never be placed in boiling water as it is possible to distort the denture base. Hold dentures over the sink filled ½ full of water when cleaning. If the denture is dropped, the water will cushion the fall. When cleaning the lower denture, do not hold it in the palm of your hand. If the denture slips, it may snap in two when clutched.

Dentures should be cleaned after every meal, preferably with a brush and dentifrice made for the purpose, not an abrasive powder. 

Although your new dentures should provide you with many years of trouble-free service, they are not designed to last forever. The bone and tissues of your mouth continue to change over time. Due to these natural changes, the lifespan of a new denture is limited. An annual checkup by your denturist is an excellent idea so that any changes can be noted and corrective measures can be taken as needed.

Under no circumstance, should you take remedial action for yourself. There are products on the market that can be used to reline or repair dentures yourself; however, they may cause irreparable harm to your denture. If problem persist, we recommend you return to our office for a checkup appointment.


After the delivery of a new denture, it is perfectly normal to experience some soreness. If soreness develops, call our office so that appropriate measures can be taken. If possible, leave the denture in prior to your appointment so that the sore spot will be present and easier to see and therefore, easier to correct. Keep in mind that soreness may be a result of dry mouth caused by medications, aging process, stress or illness.


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